Practice Areas

Energy Law

Precinct Legal is empanelled with Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) and the power Distribution Companies of Karnataka: Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM), Mangalore Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM), Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company(GESCOM), Hubli Electricity Supply Company (HESCOM) and Chamudeshwary Electricity Supply Company (CESC).

Our lawyers work in close association with the concerned authorities of KPTCL and ESCOMs to understand the nuances and technicalities of the case and represent our clients before Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC), Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL), High Court and Supreme Court.

Apart from representing the clients in dispute resolution proceedings, our team also renders legal opinion and advises our clients on the issues involving question of law from time to time.

Corporate Compliances

At Precinct Legal, we strive to be one precinct to all the corporate transactions and compliances. With the aid of affiliate company secretaries and chartered accountants, we offer complete range of services, including but not limited to:

  • * Incorporation of a company/LLP/Partnership
  • * Annual company compliances
  • * Corporate restructuring
  • * Mergers and Acquisitions
  • * Business Transfer Agreements and follow up compliances
  • * FSSAI Licence
  • * ISO certification
  • * Joint ventures
  • * Venture capital investments
In addition to the services on compliances and transactional work, Precinct Legal offers advisory and drafting services to the corporate entities, spanning the lifetime of a business.

In drafting the corporate agreement, we take special care to cater to the individual needs of the clients and understand the requirements of the clients. The corporate agreements are scrutinized through the hierarchy of the lawyers in the firm before being finalized. We believe every client to have different needs and requirements; thereby, we render tailor made services, suiting the individual needs.

Precinct legal vets and scrutinize the agreements drafted by the other attorneys and suggest suitable changes in the agreement and caution its client on the repercussions of the existing covenants of an agreement. We also represent our clients in corporate negotiations, transactions, and discussions and safeguard their interest.

Corporate Litigation

Precinct Legal houses a specialized team to represent the clients on corporate disputes before various fora in India. Corporate disputes concerning all the aspects of a corporate entity inter alia, Companies Act, 2013, Intellectual Property Right, Taxation, Contractual disputes, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Customs and Export issues.

We have a pan India presence, representing our clients before various fora, across the country and have established a strong network to initiate or defend corporate litigation in all the metropolitan cities of the country.

Corporate litigation encompasses various facets of law, requiring wholistic perspective on the issues involved; accordingly, at Precinct legal, we approach such issues with a broad outlook, envisaging various possibilities arising out of various modes and suggest the best suited strategy to the client.

Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Precinct Legal’s specialized team provides its clients representational and advisory services on various legal issues such as Commerical, Intellectual Property and Constitutional matters apart from general Civil Litigation before all Courts, Quasi-judicial Tribunals and Commissions. While being actively involved in the traditional litigation before the courts of the country, our firm also has a vibrant practice in Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Precinct Legal plays an integral role in advising and strategizing legal issue, assisting clients to achieve their desired result in the course of litgation and as a part of it, our team specifically deals with matters such as;
  • * Writ and Corporate Litigations along with Appeal matters before the High Courts, the Supreme Court and before NCLT
  • * Injunctive reliefs and defensive actions in infringements of Intellectual Property.
  • * Partitions suit, Specific Performance, Injunctive relief, Debt recovery proceedings and employee-employer disputes before the court of original jurisdiction.
  • * Arbitration proceedings which includes Arbitration applications before trial court, Appointment of Arbitrator before the High Court/Supreme Court, Proceedings before the Tribunal and Appeals before the court of the original jurisdiction.

Intellectual Property and Media Laws

''Intellectual property has the shelf life of a Banana'' - Bill Gates
Intelletual Property is a generic word encompassing a wide range of novel and Scholarly ideas and designs which are protected under the umbrella of I.P laws in India. Precinct Legal has acquired significant distinction in the I.P market with its ability to cater to its client’s requirement within a time-bound manner, adding value and wealth to client’s IP rights.

Precinct Legal caters and assists its clients with:
  • * Protection and prosecution of IP rights (including patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights, geographical indications, domain names, proprietary know-how and business processes) in India and abroad
  • * IP due-diligence and Exploration of existence of IP rights leading to effective advice of brand acquisition, Technology transfers and licensing methods
  • * Drafting, reviewing and negotiating crucial business agreements such as Franchisee Agreements, License Agreements and agreements which involve trade or usage of IP.
  • * Advising and drafting Agreements relating to Privacy and Data Protection.
  • * Providing services related to broadcasting, advertising, and the entertainment industry across India.

Start-up Compliances

Precinct Legal is actively engaged in the incorporation of private limited companies and the limited liability partnerships and adhering to the post incorporation compliances.

We aid the star-ups with their employment setup, service agreements and general Memorandum of Understandings and also render the advisory services.

Knowing the importance of venture capital and investments in the present corporate environment, we advise and connect the start-ups with renowned investments bankers and venture capital firms in the country and also undertake the legal work involved in such transactions.

Real Estate

Our specialized team of lawyers has vast experience in all kinds of real estate transactions and disputes. Our lawyers also have strong command over the local language, which is an absolute necessity in real estate transaction. We have been responsible for several sale transactions, joint venture agreements, corporate leases, mortgages, investment in real estate projects and enforcement of real estate contracts in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In recent times, the firm successfully carried out a real estate due diligence of properties situated over 600 acres of land in Gulbarga, Karnataka and guided its client through the intricacies involved.

The firm has also widely represented its clients in real estate dispute resolutions before courts, Arbitrators, Tribunals and Mediators.